Nderstand Speech Open Doors In Children's Overall Development

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CU1537 1.2i) Learning – being able to communicate and better still, able to nderstand speech opens doors in children’s overall development. Learning is all about the cognition of the child, this mean their ability to process and use info that they have gained, like when a child sees leaves falling off of trees and they are told this is because it is autumn. This make a child see what season they are in and question what is around them. This is just one way a child and illustrate learning through others and then question it to learn more. Eg. They can make the connections between what they are seeing and hearing now and then come to their own conclusion about it. At this point we can understand the limitation of body language, facial expressions…show more content…
Young children are very impulsive and find it hard to control their behaviour but, once language is mastered, children’s behaviour changes. It would seem that language helps children to think things over when talking about it. They can then focus on the consequenceses of their r their friend’s actions and they can initially begin to remind themselves of what they need to do or what they should not do. For example in an early age when a toddler goes up to something they souldnt be touching and points at it and say ‘no’ is an example of this. Another example would be in the pre-school age, when they have ran into someone by accident and hit them, they know they didn’t mean to do it but to still say sorry for hurting a friend. There is another part of learning and that is social learning this is linked with emotional development, being able to control their emotions and being able to to build socially on this. Being able to have empathy for other and seeing if a friend is sad or happy and being able to adjust their behaviour to suit the situation. A child needs to be able to ‘read’ the faces of others to understand what communication is needed for the time. This is when they can communicate with their friend and adults around them to help a person in need or to join in with games for example. 1.3) How having speech, language and communication difficulties will affect children’s development varies, because it will depend on the type and severity of the problems and the support a child receives. The short term affects can be: • Frustration •

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