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XXModule 1 – Assignment 1 There are ten questions in this assignment. It is worth 100 marks. This is the first assignment booklet for Module 1. Save this assignment on your hard drive. As you work through this assignment, be sure to regularly save your work. Once you have completed the WHOLE assignment, upload it to the D2L Dropbox. If you are unsure of what to do, please contact your teacher. It is much easier for your teacher to mark your work if you change the colour of the font that you use for your answers. Blue is the best colour for you to use. Question #1 At the beginning of Module 1, you read about dimensions of health and the development of personal well-being. You then went on to read about personal resources and making…show more content…
He is tired of having to ask his friends and family members for rides to hockey practice and to the mall. He wants to get his drivers license as soon as possible. Think of all of the people and tangible resources that he can access and use. Refer back to the chart in your Module Book for suggestions. What personal resources can he use to make his wish come true? Identify at least five resources. Also identify whether each of the resources that you list is a tangible resource or a people resource. |Personal Resources that he can use: |Is this a tangible resource or a people resource? | | |tangible | |Social insurance number | | | |people | | |

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