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Case study NDAS 1. Briefly describe the current state of NDAS’s office automation, system integration, and networking. Begin by explaining how each department uses information technology, what hardware it uses, and what functions currently are automated . Also assess which department is most in need of a network. ? (NDAS) was founded in 1985 to complete in the expanding market for overnight package Deliveries. NDAS provides local pick up and delivery of these parcels and other small freight items. As its business volume increased. NDAS realized it had to develop branch offices throughout its service region to continue growing. Initially; NDAS contracted a computing services company to handle billing. As the computing power of small computers increased, however, NDAS purchased a mini computer and took Responsibility for its own data processing. The Payroll Department now runs the payroll twice monthly on this computer. Employees clock in with an ID-badge system. The Payroll Department then prepares the paychecks for both hourly and salaried employees . The paychecks are sent via overnight delivery on the following Thursdays. The branch offices currently batch all billing da ta by order date and send them daily by overnight delivery to the corporate office a long with other interoffice correspondence. When Information Services / Data Processing receive the packages, it enters the batches and processes them daily. The billing processing normally takes place from 48 to 96 hours after freight and parcel delivery. Once this processing has been completed, the data base supports there solution of any questions or problems associated with the billings. This is the first step in a series of strategic moves planned to provide online transaction processing and real-time customer information through the Internet.

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