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No Child Left behind Act Craig Allen PUB-650 Professor Huberman September 29, 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In this competitive global economy, there are concerns that children receiving an education in the United States are performing below the national average. This dilemma is well recognized around the country therefore the Federal Government instituted an act that will potentially narrow this educational gap. Studies have pin pointed the origin of the academic failures and attributed the children’s poor performance to their social and /economic background, their parents education level, the lack of access to high-quality preschool instruction, school funding, peer influences, teachers’ expectations and instructional quality as well as the curriculum. In order to remedy this crisis, an analysis will be conducted to determine the best course of action as it relates to whether or not the act is effective in narrowing the gap. Four different alternatives are proposed as a response to the public outcry for education reform: 1) should the act be reauthorize and continue to be implanted as intended; 2) should we do nothing and allow the act to expire ; 3) Should the act be re-enacted with changes; 4) should the act be absolute and substituted for a completely different program. All the alternatives are assessed by equity, social accessibility, administrative accessibility, and cost. A study is being conducted to determine if the NCLB should be renewed without changes or if the NCLB is ideal to remedy the achievement gap; yet may require some modifications to make this act successful. Furthermore, this study will also analyze the feasibility of not doing anything to contribute to the reenactment of the NCLB or based on research based on international education

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