Ncaa Football Fitness Assessment

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Testing For NCAA Football Fitness Assessment The purpose of this exercise prescription is to set a guideline for our NCAA football clients. This prescription is very sport specific and will be used for maximizing talent and working on areas that need improvement. In order for our highly trained strength and conditioning coaches to accurately improve the athlete we must know areas needed for improvement. 1. Body Fat Test: Estimation of body fat by skinfold thickness measurement. Measurements to include 3 standard sites around the body (triceps, quadriceps, abdominal). The right side only will be measured. The tester pinches the skin at the appropriate site to raise a double layer of skin and the underlying tissue, but not the muscle. The calipers are then applied 1 cm below and at right angles to the pinch, and a reading taken 2 seconds later. The mean of two…show more content…
Sit-ups, max in 60 seconds: Knees bent. Partner holds feet of athlete stationary. The athletes’ shoulder blades must touch the ground and the elbows must touch the knees for a rep to count. 6. Star agility run: 5 cones are placed in a star shape. Each cone is 5 yards from the center of the star. The athlete touches star 1, then runs back to the center, then star 2, back to the center, and so on until they have touched all 5 stars and have returned to the center. 7. 40 Yard Dash: Three trials timed by stopwatch. Single best trial is recorded 8. 225 lbs squat max: The athlete attempts the maximum number of repetitions possible in 60 seconds with 225 lbs on the bar. The tops of the thighs must reach parallel for the repetition to count. Use 2 spotters to remove the bar from the lifter if the athlete is too fatigued to continue. 9. 10 x 10 Shuttle Run: Two cones are placed 10 yards apart. The athlete runs to one cone and back to the other until they have completed 10 repetitions. 10. One mile run: One trial, athlete runs one mile for

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