Ncaa Eligibility Essay

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Daron Crowder Are the Age Restrictions in NFL and NBA Fair or Even Legal? Over the past few decades there has been debate over whether or not the age restrictions to enter the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) is fair, or even legal. In other major professional sports in the United States athletes face no such restrictions, and are able to start their professional career once they graduate high school, and even sooner in some cases. For that reason there have been multiple lawsuits against the NFL and NBA arguing that if the particular athlete has the talent upon graduation of high school to play professionally that they should not be stopped from doing so, and being able to earn the financial benefits that come from being a professional athlete. In this paper I will show why I believe that the age restrictions set in the NFL and NBA is not fair to the athletes, and quite possibly not even illegal under U.S. Anti-trust and Labor laws. The NFL eligibility requirements went from being non-existent from inception until 1925 when they set the rule of the athlete being four years removed from high school, to now being three years removed, which changed in 1990 (Bianchi, 2006). Then in 2006 it became a part of the NFL CBA or collective bargaining agreement. In the CBA the rule is stated as: “No player shall be permitted to apply for special eligibility for selection in the Draft, or otherwise be eligible for the Draft, until three NFL regular seasons have begun and ended following either his graduation from high school or graduation of the class with which he entered high school, whichever is earlier.” (Cavezza, 2010) The NFL has fought off numerous battles arguing that these requirements are against U.S. Labor Laws, and that they do not have the right to boycott players of a certain age. These claims started all the

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