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Foreign Market for NBA Players This past July, during the NBA free agency period a number of players made the jump from the NBA to playing overseas. NBA Players including Josh Childress previously with the Atlanta Hawks, and Earl Boykins of the Denver Nuggets. Contracts being signed overseas for far more money than in the NBA, players are beginning to look in the foreign market with an economic crisis looming over the United States. For instance, Childress was given a three year, $20 million dollar contract with many incentives including a house, Volvo, chef, telephone and Greek taxes paid for by the team. Childress estimated he would take home about $6 million this season, which is close to twice as much as he would have received if he stayed in the NBA.…show more content…
With better understanding as to why a foreign market can offer NBA players outrageous sums of money and incentives that outweigh anything from the states, the economic struggles that shadow the US can be brought into focus. With basketball beginning to become a world renown sport, more and more leagues will be able to out bid the NBA for it’s players. Where do these foreign markets get such money to throw around? Why can’t the NBA keep up with these huge contracts? With the salary cap in the NBA it’s hard for teams to keep up with the foreign market, to its dismay. As the Euroleague offers no taxes, one may seem to jump at the occasion of playing overseas. As this is making news in the world of sports today, not many players are jumping at the opportunity. With the economic crisis coming afloat in the US, why not go overseas for big money. Policies within the economic world today should be jumping at this opportunity to investigate and figure out what is going

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