Nba Lockout Essay

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National Basketball League Lockout Robyn L. Grescavage Colorado Technical University Abstract The NBA lockout began on July 1st 2011. In this paper we are going to discuss several different topics about the lockout; from why they were fighting this battle, revenue sharing from the players and the owners. The salary cap explained as well as the negotiations that went on as well. There will the explanation of the salary agreement that were reached as well as the collective bargaining agreement. If there wasn’t any agreement that was reached, there could have been no basketball season. Some players had already gone to other countries to play. An agreement was reached with players and the owners how will this affect the 2011-12 season now. Thesis Statement The NBA lockout was a tough time for players, fans, and employees. The NBA lockout had many twists and turns and finally there was an agreement that was reached. The lockout could have been avoided, making this unsettling for fans and players. National Basketball League Lockout The NBA lockout has many twists and turns since July 1st 2011. The players and the owners of the teams have many decisions to make. In the meantime there is no guarantee that there will be a 2011-12 NBA season. My development strategy to write this paper was to explain the lockout in fuller detail. Between revenue sharing and the salary cap of the players, there are negotiations that are still going on. This is leaving the players to look elsewhere for a salary including playing overseas and playing for smaller salaries. The fans are getting restless as well making this lockout seem like it’s never going to end. The NBA lockout was a tough time for players, fans, and employees. The NBA

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