Nazi War Crimes Of a Medical Nature Essay

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Nazi War Crimes of a Medical Nature War is never a pleasant undertaking and the results, whether that be a positive or negative outcome, is never truly positive; leaving in its wake destruction, heartache, illness, mistrust, collapsed economies, and death. War in and of itself is a negative lose-lose situation. World War II was especially tragic resulting in many deaths of both European and United States soldiers and civilians, and mass prejudice of the German Aryan Nazi against the Jewish race. The Nazi’s desired to wipe out the Jewish race, and then move onto others in order to establish a “pure” master race. In their attempts to accomplish this include some medical war crimes of such atrocity that upon the end of the war these Nazi’s were tried on separate accounts in a mass twelve trial case from 1945-1949 known as the Nuremberg Trials. The main person, or most well known, in the Nuremberg Doctors Trials was Karl Brandt. Brandt was the person physician to Adolph Hitler, and the senior medical officer of the German government during the war. The case, U.S.A. vs. Karl Brandt, et al. tried twenty-three individuals on four counts of crimes: 1) conspiracy to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, 2) war crimes (against those protected, such as POWs), 3) crimes against humanity, and 4) membership in a criminal organization. (Harvard Law School Library, 2003). Of the twenty-three individuals tried, seven were sentenced to death, including Karl Brandt, nine served prison terms, and seven were acquitted. (Linder, D., 2009). Lesser-known trials included the Dachau Trial, The Buchenwald Camp Trial, The Flossenburg Camp Trial, the Mauthausen Camp Trial, and the Muhldorf Concentration Camp Trial which served to prosecute war criminals that were not tried in the Nuremberg Trials. (WHALE, 2009) Medical crimes of any nature, whether in war or outside of war – as

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