Nazi Chaos Essay

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‘The government of the Nazi state was chaotic and lacked coherence in the years 1933 to 1939.’ How far do you agree with this opinion? Explain your answer, using the evidence of Sources V, W and X and your own knowledge of the issues related to this contreversy. The Nazi state has been seen to have adopted a system in which the upper echelons of the party would collide as an attempt to gain the Fuhrers attention. This view meant that the government was seen to be chaotic and lack coherence in the years 1933 to 1939. This view is supported by the orthodox historical opinion which is explained in source V by Michael Burleigh. He states that the “governement was characterised by multi-centred incoherence” because the different state institutions all competed to work towards the Fuhrer and his ideology. This is exemplified by the way in which different institutions focussed on Hitlers different views on how the economy should be used. On the one hand Hjalmar Schact, Reich Minister of Economics, tried to focus the economy on the living standards and employment opportunities for the public. On the other hand Hermann Goering, head of the Four Year Plan, aimed to focus the economy onto preparing the country for war. Hitler became less involved as he took the Darwinist view of survival of the fittest, believing that the strongest would come out on top. This view is supported by source W which refers to a “Mosaic of Party and state agencies” with “over-lapping jurisdictions” who all try to gain power within there specific area by showing their loyalty towards the Fuhrer. This supports the view that the Nazi State lacked coherence because it suggests that the power of each institution depended entirely on their relationship with Hitler. The over-lapping institutions in the Nazi government led to administrative chaos because their responsibilities and functions were not
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