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The Navy Seals By: Brayden Hunt The Navy Seals The united states have many different special ops organizations, but why do we need them and how do they affect our lives today. There are different special ops organizations that perform special tasks. Among these organizations the Navy Seals have been one of the most effective and elite special ops divisions. The Navy Seals were at one time questioned by the public on how effective they were, so why are they considered to be the most elite special ops division in the military today. The Navy Seals were formed on the beaches of World War 2. They were known as “frogmen” who cleared the way for invasions, but they earned most of their fame in the Vietnam War. After the Vietnam War the Navy Seals weren’t used. The modern Navy Seals got created from the Iran hostage crisis, when Americas best rescue team on a mission lost eight men, seven helicopters, and a plane before they were even able to contact the militants that were in control of the us embassy in Tehran. After this happened Congress decided to form a joint command to control the Special Forces. The new Command decided to implement the Navy Seals again. At the start the Navy Seals had quite a few failures. Some of these failures were: the Granada invasion in 1983 in which four Navy Seals drowned; in 1984 they failed to rescue a CIA station chief, and in 1987 Team Six of the Navy Seals were all over the news when they admitted that they had stolen scuba equipment, faked travel receipts, and falsified training vouchers. In the 1990s the Navy Seals conducted themselves more honorably and a movie came out that the secured the Seals reputation. After this the government was too scared to use the Seals. General Peter Schoomaker said, “It was like having a brand-new Ferrari in the garage, and nobody wants to race it because you might dent the fender.

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