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This is a story about my brother Chris trying to decide what he wanted to do after graduating from High School. He was talking to his friends about whether or not to go to college or join the Navy. Chris joined the Navy because he still didn’t know what to do in college. Another reason is because the Navy would pay for at least half of his college expenses after he got out. Chris also wanted to travel to different places that he hasn’t been to. Places like Japan, Australia, Hawaii, The Mediterranean Sea and many others. He joined the Navy under the DEP. DEP stands for Delayed Entry Program. He signed up in November 2005 and would actually go to Basic Training in October 2006. While in DEP he had to do things to get ready for Basic Training. He had to memorize their different kind of time called “Navy Time”. Hours of the day are numbered 1-24; after 12:00 PM instead of starting with 1:00 PM the Navy continues on with 1300 up to 2400 which is midnight. He also had to learn the Phonetic Alphabet which starts out with A-Alpha and ends with Z-Zulu. He knew he would have to pass physical endurance tests during Basic Training so he ran and lifted weights to gain strength. When Chris got to Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, IL he had to get fitted for all his uniforms. He was also assigned to a barracks building which the Navy called “Their Ship”. His “ship” was number 10. There he was assigned his bed which the Navy calls a bunk or a rack. During Basic Training he had to pass many Physical Fitness Assessments. He had to jump feet first off a 10’ platform and remain afloat for 5 minutes. While in the water he had to swim 50 yards using any stroke. He had to demonstrate his ability to work as a team at things like firefighting and basic seamanship. At the end of the six weeks of training he had to complete a program called “Battle Stations” which tested his

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