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Navajos The Navajos are a very similar group of people, they don't differentiate themselves in their society, however they are different from other Native Americans, like the Pueblos. Their culture has developed and adapted over the centuries and has come to adopt modern principles, while still remaining true to their traditions. Customs and Traditions The Navajos are just one of many Native American tribal groups who like to stick to the customs and traditions that their ancestors introduced many centuries back. Even though we live in a modern world, the Navajo choose to still stay true to who they are and who they always will be. There are several traditions that they follow, one of which is healing ceremonies. Healing ceremonies are described in an Encyclopedia as “a way to be closer to one's ancestors” and to “cure the sick” (Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes 154). Healing ceremonies are used for a lot of things, but the most important things that they are used for are healing physically and mentally. The ceremonies are usually held at a Navajo's house; which is called a hogan, and can last anywhere from one to four days. During these ceremonies, there is a leader who is called “a singer”, who sings chants from decades ago and while he or she is chanting, they shake these “rattles” in bundles and hold things like feathered wands and brushes. Navajo customs include their belief in two groups of people. They are the Earth people and the Holy people. The Holy people consist of the “Changing Woman”, the “Coyote”, the “Talking God” and the “Spider Woman”. When the world was created, they believe that the Coyote tricked the First Woman and First Man, while they were trying to settle down in a home. The Holy People and the Talking God helped them fix the valley in which they live and they ate plants and crops. One day, the First Woman

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