Navajo Culture Essay

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The Navajo Culture Anthropology 101 Professor Daniel Diaz Reyes December 12, 2011 Situated in the northeastern portion of Arizona and in the northwestern part of New Mexico is the Navajo reservation. The largest Indian reservation in the United States, The Navajo reservation stretched twenty five thousand square miles and encompasses sixteen acres this is now where the Dine (Navajo) call home. The Navajo people live by stringent guidelines when it come to economic and social and tending to the sick and healing practices. They speak with a Athabaskan language and they were located in the four corner section where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico meet. There boundaries were set by an imposing treaty of 1868. The total number of Navajo people totaled roughly two hundred thousand but this numbered varied due to the different regions of the United States. The strong social system for the Navajo people is one of the conceptual or symbolic system. Social organization is centered around motherhood. It is found in the life, reproduction, and subsistence. Subsistence consisting of residential, organized, structurally sound. Social recognition has two classes one being an indeterminacy in personal context and the other being indeterminacy about allocation of food livestock. Social organization was looked at as a man and woman. Women became superior to men and held a title of beautiful an high recognition. (Richard 1905: 409). The Navajo saw motherhood as in ways of source, sustenance, subsistence, and reproductive life. The Navajo people believe that motherhood expressed in the making of lakes, streams, mountains trees and vegetation on the earth's surface. (Haile 1938: 318). Fatherhood was seen as a power, leadership and discipline and distance. conceptual system

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