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The smallest republic in the world, with a single island of just 21 square kilometers does not fall short of making its spot on the world map. Weighing in as the world’s second “fattest” nation, Nauru is small oval shaped island north-east of Australia. It lies 42 kilometers south of the equator. A coral reef surrounds the entire island which is dotted with pinnacles. Population is approximately 10,000 people, most of whom are indigenous Nauruans of predominantly Micronesian origin, including non-Nauruan population of approximately 1,000 principally other Pacific Islanders, Chinese, Australian and Filipino expatriates making it the second-least populated country in the world. The people of Nauru are comprised of 12 tribes, as symbolized by the 12-pointed star on the Nauru flag. Native language is Nauruan, which is classified as a Micronesian language, but does not fit easily within subgrouping of Austronesian languages – in turn, Nauruans are writing their own dictionary. English is widely spoken as it is used for government and commercial purposes. The people of the tiny, potato-shaped Republic of Nauru were once among the world's richest. Formerly known as Pleasant Island, the name was used by the first Europeans in reference to the lush vegetation and friendly inhabitants. Nauruan is the indigenous name used on official documents. Politically, the country is called the Republic of Nauru, now abbreviated, more prosaically as RON. Nauru supplied Australia with abundant fertilizer for almost a century after vast phosphate deposits were discovered in 1900. A raised, fossilized coral atoll, Nauru is one of three great phosphate rock islands in the Pacific Ocean. By 2005, in an abrupt reversal of fortune, Nauru was a nearly failed state with an uncertain future, dependent on injections of cash from other countries to keep afloat. Rich deposit of

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