Naturopathys Place in the Publci Health System Essay

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The Public Health System in Australia is broken into two sectors, public and private. The public sector is largely subsidised by the Australian government, with Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) being the two main subsidy schemes. The private sector is funded my member premiums. (National Public Health Partnership 1998) The responsibilities of the public sector are contributed to at a federal, state and local government level. The federal governments’ responsibilities are: making national health policies, subsidising health services provided by the States. The State governments’ responsibilities are: delivering health services, providing community and public health services and regulating health professionals. The local governments’ responsibilities are: waste management in the community, delivery of clean water, health inspections, in home care and preventive programs, like screening for breast cancer. (Van Gool 2011) Within the private sector, private practice doctors are basically free to regulate the number of services they provide with a rebate and the fees a patient will be charged. The private sector is a fee for service model. People who purchase private health insurance receive a rebate from the Australian Government to contribute to the cost of their premiums. This rebate paid as 30 cents for every dollar paid for private health insurance. (Private Health 2013) Naturopathy fits into the Public Health System in the private sector. Currently, there is not a Medicare subsidy for Naturopathic services although, most services supplied by Naturopaths are generally included as rebate-able services in most health fund policies. (Private health 2013) Naturopathy isn’t a regulated profession in Australia, but associations such as the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) offer memberships to practitioners who have

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