Naturlastic Observation Essay

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In the bystander intervention observation study I waited at the mall enterence until amiddle aged women entering the department store, and she looks like she is happy to be here shopping. Here face gesture is smiling happily meant to start shopping. She is wearing sunglasses tinted blue color matching her clothes and her ear rings as well her nails are green too. She pulled her cellphone from her purse and she seemed to be busy talking on the phone with somebody that made her laugh and then she watched her watch as if she has an appointment with somebody where she will meet inside the mall. I heard other shoppers beside her gasping at seeing the same action I did. Music played at the mall with classic song that made atmosphere invited to Shoppe which made her look in the air and she went to the men’s department. She picked a pair of blue jeans and took a breath trying to find the best matching pants which it looked like a gift for somebody. She tried different colors and every time she picked up a pair she smiles and try to match it to other shirts which she is not buying. I felt she is buying to her partner because the pants are of the same age she is dressing and her she seems to be she is happy to pick up that color she chose as if she is buying it to her partner and not her children. She went on with the pair of pants to cashier and a smile in her face and left it there at the cash desk where nobody was there. Then she went to the gifts and accessories and she picked up a body lotion wrapped in a gift box. She smiled before picking up that box and her eyes rolled over to the next person to her which he was a guy. As she came back to the cash desk and stood a line for about five minutes she felt inpatient as she is awaiting and she is looking at her watch. One of her legs is relaxing and the other is shaking as the customer ahead of her had to make the cashier

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