Nature's Oddities Essay

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There are many, many oddities in nature. Some are more unusual than others and some happen more often than others. Mother nature can be a funny thing, she can be cruel and kind at the same time and she is always unpredictable. Nevertheless, they are everywhere you look if you keep a close eye. For example, there are tons of animals born with defects and other abnormalities. Like the pink hippopotamus found in Kenya, or the pink albino bottle nose dolphin. This bottle nose dolphin was discovered in Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana in 2007 by charter boat captain Erik Rye. Rye told ESPN " It was absolutely, stunningly pink, it looks like it just came out of a paint booth." I have never seen a pink dolphin, but it is on my list of things to see. I have seen fireworms glowing in the ocean in Boynton Beach, Florida late in the middle of the night and I though it was strange yet wonderful. I have also ran down the beach with a huge sea turtle and could hardly keep up, who knew they could move so fast. Scientist, Eric Poeschla, at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota have been studying molecules that could stop AIDS, using a glowing gene from jellyfish and inserting it into cats alongside the anti-viral gene to track the cells. If the transfer works, then the cats will glow green or red. As Yvonne Hubmayr writes, the project studies a protein called LEDGF/p75 that interacts with HIV 1 intergrase. The research team found that HIV integrating would occur even if only a tiny fraction of residual LEDGF was in a cell. So if we take away the LEDGF then there can be no HIV infection. They were able to strip LEDGF from the cell using a technique called RNA interference and a lot of work. Only the cells devoid of detectable chromatin-bound LEDGF were able to block the infection (Mayo Clinic). This study was done in cats because they get a similar disease

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