Nature vs. Nuture Essay

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Nature versus Nurture The characteristic To persevere is to continue in a course of action in the face of difficulty. To persevere during a six-minute wrestling match, I must stop for nothing, be tenacious, and hang in regardless of the obstacles that lay in front of me such as pain, hunger, and fear in order to receive a reward of accomplishment in the end. I must be able to fight through those conditions on the mat and at times, I ask myself, when do I let go, give up or stop? Perseverance is the amount of pain one can handle and the degree to which one is able to receive some type of reward when there is little or no prospect of triumph. Nature Wrestling is a brutal and tough sport to compete in; however, I am able to persevere through each six-minute match. In order to persevere, through each match, a network of systems in the human body work together in times of pain, motivation, or during the fight-or-flight response. The somatosensory cortex becomes very active during matches. This portion of the parietal lobe plays a crucial role for sensing pressure, temperature, and pain. I believe my somatosensory cortex is more developed than others since I have a lower perception of pain, meaning I deal with more physical pain like being thrown or put in abnormal positions than normal people. In comparison, my mother shares this type of perseverance. This past summer, my mother accidently cut off her pinky finger with electric hedge trimmers. No one was present to witness this event; however, my mom was able to deal with the extreme pain of nerves and bone being severed off by putting aside those sensations so that she could drive herself to the hospital to stitch her pinky back on again. Likewise, my mother and I go into states of fight-or-flight responses to cope with pain by activating the sympathetic nervous system. [122] We persevere through

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