Nature Vs Nurture In The Military Essay

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Nature vs. Nurture: Influence of the Military Psychology 101: Introduction to Psychology Nature vs. Nurture Essay March 13, 2012 Serving in the United States’ Armed Forces is arguably one most challenging jobs out there. The emotional and physical tolls associated with fighting for your country are extremely difficult to comprehend and live with, day in and day out. Dealing with deployments to hostile countries ranging from six to fourteen months can really change one’s personality and alter the way they perceive the world. The only way to fully appreciate the struggle of living the military lifestyle is to actually live the military lifestyle, but out of all the variables that raise the difficulty on a military way of life, marriage is bar far the most difficult to sustain. Having joined the Navy straight out of high school…show more content…
Even fewer make that mark with same spouse they started the journey with. In the Navy, we deploy and go out to sea for six to ten months. Not only does the service member have to fulfill his or her duties as ordered, they have to also ensure that their marriage stays intact through this ordeal. Imagine being married to someone and not seeing them for months or talking to them for days or even weeks at a time. When married, a couple is supposed to grow together as their lives become in sync with each other’s. This is the single most difficult task for a military marriage and has a high chance of failure. In 2011, 0.495% of married couples in the U.S. filed for divorce (, 2012). The military was quite higher with 3.7% of marriages ending in divorce (Zoroya, 2011). Holy matrimony is already extremely stressful, for all parties involved, without added strain of being separated for months at a time. It’s safe to assume that being married in the U.S. Military puts a hefty strain on a marriage that in not commonly an issue for civilian married

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