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Nature vs. Nurture Debate Essay

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  • on November 26, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Nature vs. Nurture Debate" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Philosophers in ancient times believed that we are born with the genes that make us who we are and that the world around us doesn’t make any difference what so ever to who we become in our lives.
Empiricists however, believed that mind of the new born child was blank and whatever had been shown to it in the up-bringing the child would simply pick up and make it the way it will be in the future.
This brings to mind people like gymnasts, they have to have the body to become one, so they need the genes, this means that no matter what will be on their way in life if they have the genes and they want to become a gymnast they will without a doubt.
Even so specialists believe that the influence is making a lot difference in what we become later on, if you exercise, eat well and have good income you are more likely to become someone big in the future than people who don’t have the money, good food or don’t exercise; this means that race, poverty, education and criminality influences our achievements.  
In 1870s, Lombroso has made some research and found out that faces features said everything about a person, he believed that all criminals had the same kinds of faces so their genes decided that they were going to be criminals. Also in 1960s, Jacobs had done some tests on prisoners and he found out that they had more XYY genes so they had more testosterone which means they were more aggressive so that is why they have committed crime.
In 1970s, Bandura has made his role models theory, he believed that people did whatever they role models did, they learnt from them and became very similar, however it would mean that if they didn’t have them then they wouldn’t learn from them and became criminals and this explained why so many black people have committed crime because so many of them haven’t had fathers their role models.

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