Nature vs. Nurture Arguement

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Charlotte Nature vs. Nurture Chart Nature Nurture Intermixed Behavior Explanation Definitions In respect to the Nature vs. Nurture debate, the meaning of Nature involves those traits of a person that are genetic in nature. The DNA or the specific characteristics of a person could be determined through heredity, an extrinsic representation of individual characteristics. The meaning of Nuture would involve specific aspects of a person such as the behavior, intelligence or personality. The intrinsic characteristics of an individual are molded by life experiences. It stresses the importance of providing a safe, loving environment to children so they feel secure and interested in the world around them instead of worrying about safety issues or the possibility of being hungry or mistreated. The argument of Nature vs. Nurture has endured many years. After researching different opinions, various information and writings on the topic, I resolve that there is no winner. Both nature and nurture both determine who we are and who we will become. One cannot survive without the other. They are dependent on each other and mandatory to sustain a human existence. Theorists James Mark Baldwin saw life as natural and good and made the way God intended. Philosopher John Locke thought that the environment produced influences that made children develop. Intelligence Some children are genetically pre disposed to excel in certain subjects like music, math, literature… Predisposed talents may not be explored or available in life experiences. The simple makeup of a child’s physical brains in situations as neglect or abuse or over protection, may be altered through chemical, physical experiences There is no way to completely ensure human

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