Nature Vs. Nurture: A Psychological Debate

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Nature Versus Nurture Donna F. Darling Western Governors University WGU Student ID#243749 The nature versus nurture psychological debate has been an ongoing argument and controversy for many years. There are still no definite conclusions that can prove either side of the coin. The basic part of the nature idea is that we are born with certain characteristics, tendencies and personality components pre-programmed into us before we are even born. On the other hand, the nurture basic idea is that we learn our characteristics, personality traits and behavior from our experiences and upbringing. (McLeod, 2007). Controversies have always abounded in the debate of nature versus nurture. One of these disputes involved a theory by Arthur Jenson, an American psychologist, finding I.Q. scores of black Americans were lower than whites, and then suggesting that a person’s intelligence is eighty percent an inherited trait. This is seen as a right wing agenda by environmentalists who believe there are inbuilt biases in testing methods of different ethnicities. (McLeod, 2007). In 1883 Frances Galton, a relative of Darwin, believed and stated…show more content…
The Minnesota adoption studies, conducted by Sandra Scarr and Richard Weinberg, in 1974, actually comprised two studies. The first study was called the Transracial Adoption(TA) study. The subjects were black and interracial children raised by families that were white, particularly in the schools and culture, and it was performed to test the hypothesis that these children would score on achievement measured tests and IQ tests, as well as any other adopted child. There were 101 adoptive families with interracial makeup, who adopted 176 children, 130 of these adoptees were black. All of the adoptive parents and children adopted were unrelated. The sample also had 143 children who were biological children to the adoptive parents. (Scarr & Weinberg,

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