Nature vs Nurture

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As we discover the different approaches to psychology there is one controversy that has long been debated which is whether Nature which is the belief that our behaviors are a unitary result of genetics, and Nurture which embraces the idea that our characteristics are solely a product of our acquired experiences. Due to the fact that there have major psychological advances in recent years, however, there is a growing understanding that both Nature and Nurture contribute to our own unique behaviors. My long legs and high blood pressure are each examples of how Nature has had emphasis on my development. Both of my parents have suffered heart attacks, so I know it’s likely to affect me as well. I have always been cautious regarding types of food I eat and try to exercise regularly to keep my blood pressure at a normal level. Two examples of Nurture affecting my development are winning a state championship in volleyball, and my parents owning a home health care facility. It took extreme discipline, dedication, and commitment to obtain that gold medal in volleyball. To this day I still associate challenges to the feelings of accomplishment and this makes my goals feel more attainable. As far as the home health business I was brought up around I contribute my need to help others, and my sense of compassion to my parents instilling these values in me at a young age. I am not certain whether Nature or Nurture take precedence over my development. I simply feel that each play a significant role in my life, and furthermore I feel that these factors continue to impact who I am. As I continue to mature I continue to rely on both Nature and Nurture to assist in becoming who I want to be. I realize that I am careful making choices based on my genetic background, and equally consider knowledge I have gained from society when making decisions. To clarify, I am aware of the
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