Nature vs Nurture Essay

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Nature vs Nurture debate There are many different views from all types of different individuals when it comes down to the nature vs nurture debate. Nature refers to all the evolutionary factors that have shaped the genetics that we have inherited from our parents such as our eye colour and hair colour for example. The individuals that believe that nature is what determines how we are and what we become as well develop and grow older are called Nativists. Whereas Nurture refers to all the things that have influenced us since we have began to develop for example a teenager hanging around with a group of friends that smoke would be the drive and influence for that teenager to start smoking and it would be an environmental factor that would have encouraged the teenager to start smoking. The individuals that believe in that nurture is what makes individuals who they are, are called Empiricists. Although Nature determines the range of our human potential whereas nurture affects the ways that our human potential is actualised, being helped or hindered by good or bad environmental inputs. Some individuals have extremely good talents such as musical intelligence or mathematical intelligence and this could be down to their family genetics however this could be down to nature or nurture because the family could have really good genes for musical intelligence and it could run through the family whereas it could be nurture that the individual is so good at music because they could have grown up listening and watching family members play musical instruments and therefore it would be an environmental input that would have influenced the individual to concentrate on music. An example could be Michael Jackson, his father was into music and therefor the reason michael jackson could have been so good at music and singing is because it was in his father's genes and iw was passed

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