Nature vs Nurture Essay

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Nature versus Nurture Introduction to Psychology Claire Foresmann October 23, 2011 Nature versus Nurture Human development is influenced by both the individual’s inherited traits and by the level of quality that is provided through their external environments. The belief of human development being self-regulated by the unfolding of natural plans and processes; is a statement many may disagree with. The suggested things to think about mentions that psychologists lean towards the genetic factors influencing development over the nurturing side of the argument. The idea of nature versus nurture is one that has been controversial for many years. So is our development born, nature? Or is it made through how we are nurtured? Although many have said that our behavior is influenced by genetics, others believe that the environment is the biggest factor of our development. Arguably, the two seem to be directly related to one another and the impact is direct relation of the two influencing our lives to make us what we become. Some will find individuals that adamantly believe that it must be either nature or nurturing that plays a vital role in our behavioral development. On the contrary it is a product of both nature and nurturing working together to form the basis of who we are. Merriam Webster defines human nature as, “the nature of humans; especially: the fundamental dispositions and traits of humans,” (Merriam-Webster) and nurture as, “the sum of the environmental factors influencing the behavior and traits expressed by an organism.” (Merriam-Webster) A person can possess qualities that are inherited; an example would be the temperament that you are born with. Many years ago, I babysat for a little girl that was only 6 weeks old and was very fussy and as she grew she always seemed to be grouchy, she is now almost nineteen years old and though she still has a

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