Nature Vs. Nurture

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Essay: describe and explain (from the video) how nature (inherited instinct biology/genes) and nurture (environment or upbringing (how are you treated/taught)) can affect a child’s development. In order to answer the focus question, we would need to understand the terms used. Nature describes the basic skills that are “hardwired” into our brains such as what a baby can do when it is born. A deeper understanding of the term would lead to a debate on the theory of evolution as, if a creature could be born knowing certain things such as speech already without being taught, that would have to be a form of evolution and then nurture would become nature. The term nurture refers to the way a child or adult was raised and the effect it had on their personality, such as a person’s language. If you look closely at this term, you will notice it resembles nourishment. This is very important as to be nourished is to have eating and absorbed the nutrients from food. This is the same with nurture as you learn and absorb the information. A child’s development depends entirely on the way the child lives. Therefore it is not true that the son or daughter of a terrorist will be a terrorist. If the child has no contact with the parent, then he or she is not influenced by them and does not share the terrorist’s attitude. On the other hand, certain characteristics are similar and are passed on through the genes. These are things such as looks and other things on the surface like skin tone. Intelligence is a bit of both as a person can be naturally capable of absorbing facts but would still need a place to find those facts meaning it was part nature part nurture. Taking this into consideration, a child that has not been privy to another person’s language will not learn to speak. The child might be able to make sounds such as crying but this is something that children are born
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