Nature vs. Nurture Essay

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Human nature could sometimes convey you along an a verse path “for example cruelty, hatred, violence ”. Human nature could also sometimes lead you through a positive door “for example happiness, innocence, love, compassion and other contented feelings.” This essay is mainly about the flaws in human nature, and to show that there are more of both negative meanings, then positive meanings. For the first example for flaws in human nature in the story the Lottery, by Shirley Jackson is about village people who have a yearly ritual harvest and during the harvest they have some sort of lottery, and it’s a lottery you don’t want to be part of. The story is disturbing and cruel (for example the kids help pile up rocks for the ritual of the harvest) the kids didn’t only help pile up the rocks they also helped in the killing. Mrs. Hutchinson’s own “flesh and blood”, co-operated in her death. Even little Dave was helped by his brother Harry to accommodate in the death of their mother. The kids in the years before didn’t probably want help in the havoc murder of the innocent people that died in the years but now they have gotten use to the disturbing ritual of the harvest. For this next example the negative ideas, the violence and the assumption that’s going to happen in this next story The Execution, by Alden Nowlan. This story is about a person named “Press” who was going to have his death earlier then would’ve thought because he was mistaken for three people who aren’t that guilty but still have to disciplined. Going on, the three people were the coroner, Reverend Press and Mr. Ellis. The assumption in the story was a lot “for example You’re late Padre.” The innocent cry he had “ Look at my face! Doesn’t anybody know me.?” There was no use. For this final example in the story The Hobbyist, by Fredric brown this story is about a man Sangstrom who wanted poison

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