Nature Vs Nature Essay

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Nurture’s Strong Influence on Early Human Development The question that has been debated for centuries is whether nurture or nature is more important in determining the course of human development. Nurture is a term used to describe the environmental effects on early human development, while nature is the hereditarily result on the human development. This essay will examine the degree to which nurture influences early human development. Nurture has been highly researched and said to be the most influential effect on human development, scientists believe that the environment and day-to-day experiences are the results of human development. John Locke, a British Philosopher in the seventeenth- century, believed that the, “mind of a newborn infant is a ‘blank slate’ (tabula rasa)”(12). He said that whatever the baby experience as he grows through life is what gets “written on this slate”. By experiences Locke meant senses such as sight, smell, taste, feel, and hearing. Another set of researchers who believed that the environment was the dominant effect of early human development were John B. Watson and B.F. Skinner. During the twentieth- century these scientists believed that they had the ability to turn any child into anything they wanted such as a doctor, lawyer, or professor and even a thief or a beggar-man. Later during human development comes the motor development stage where babies learn how to walk, scientist’s Zelazo and Kolb discovered that infants that practice walking for a few minutes several times a day begin to walk sooner than others. Today psychologists believe that both nurture and nature share a big part in human development. The environmental behaviors we receive each day develop into our characters as early humans, what we experience as infants is what predicts our adult personality. Nature also has a strong influence on

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