Nature At its Verge Essay

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“Once there was an apprentice, a magician's apprentice, who got tired of being told to cook and clean just like any kitchen servant by chopping, scraping and scrubbing. One day, when the magician was out, he decided that as he was here to learn magic, he was going to begin right now by learning some spells for cleaning. So he got down his master's books, and found a spell of command in one of them. Picking up the broom, he spoke the magic words, telling it to sweep. It began to sweep at once. It swept all before it; the floor, the tables, the books from the shelves, the instruments from the cupboards, the fire from the hearth, the water from the pail. It would not stop sweeping, but went from room to room sweeping everything together into a great heap of wreckage and out the door. "Stop!" shouted the apprentice, "stop!" but 'stop!' was not the magic word, and the broom went on, sweeping the house clear of everything, sweeping down the very walls and roof”....(1) There is no doubt that in this world we are the Magicians and our capability to unleash the power exceeds our ability to control the power. I intend to prove this throughout the paper by discussing what is happening to our planet currently because of our human’s role in destruction of the environment such as pollution. Another topic that will be discussed are, the realities of human realization, and how the people should ultimately respect our planet. The first item to be discussed is the human’s role in the destruction of the environment. David Suzuki in his book “The Scared Balance” did a wonderful job in explaining where our relationship with nature went wrong. There is no doubt in my mind that we have altered the surrounding. If you open the window what you see in terms of weather is produced by us and I bet if you look out the window fifty-sixty years from now, we are going to be
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