Nature And Technology Essay

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Carles Pons Escanilla Mr. Chris Warman ENG 101 16 September 2009 Nature and Technology I perceive the natural world as the only and real world. With this I mean that the entire world is natural and the things that are around us are truth because of the nature. All what we use every day and we don’t even think where they come from like this laptop where I’m using to write this essay, the paper where I’ll print when I finish the composition, the paint used to write the words, and all the other things that we don’t think about and we take use of them come from the nature. If nature wouldn’t exist nothing would exist because life wouldn’t be possible. Even the small organism is needed to life the other bigger organism. Life is a cycle and every organism feed of a smaller or weaker organism, this is a food chain where everyone is necessary to maintain it. Moreover I perceive the natural world as beautiful and perfect in all the ways because it provides us all the things we need to have a wonderful life. Technology impacts our ability to live a natural life in a lot of positive ways but there are also some problems derived to this technology impact. Technology spends a lot of natural resources, for example cutting trees, and one day all these resources will be over and we should find another ways to have some things that nowadays are so easy to have. All of these are because we don’t take care at all of the nature. Technology enables us to have an easier way of life because nature provide us medication to cure us if we have an illness, also it provides us a place to live, some job to earn money and use it to live the life and as I said before all what is around us. On the other hand in the Sunless Sea, written by Rachel Carson, we also can see how the improvements of the new technologies have help to reach
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