Nature And Nurture Essay

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Topic: Nurture strongly influence early human development Babies have developed since they are not born. The combination of genes of the mother and father determine the sex of the baby. The genes involve in physical development: they determine the skin and hair color, height, and the like. However, it is also believed that beside the nature, the environment around the children also does affect their development. So how can the nurture influence the early human development? Are they strongly influenced? And this essay will be about the influences of nurture to the early human development. As we already knew that the newborn baby is like the blank paper, and the family is the most important factor in influencing the children development. Parents take a good care of their children, and when they are born, parents, of course, will have more responsibilities in raising them. Mother and father do not only teach them the basic skills of standing, walking, and speaking, but also shape their children’s attitude and behavior. Good parents always teach them how to behave properly in the society. Actually, parents seem to take more care of their girl and do not allow her to do anything dangerous, and most often, she stays with her mom working in the house. But parents never want their son to be with mother. They always encourage their boy to do things dangerous and absolutely wonderful, such as, working on computer or repairing the car with his father. We notice that Children look to their parents for examples and models; their behaviors are mainly developed by their parents. Therefore, parents should be a good model and provide the positive attitude to their children. Secondly, the children development is also affected by their peer group. As we would know that people at the same age can understand each other better than other, so they seem to eliminate any of their

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