Nature And Nurture Essay

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Most people acknowledge that both nature and nurture are significant in early human development. However, about which one is more essential, there is still exist a heat debate in our society. In several decades ago, people held the idea that inherited characteristics play a dominant role in early human development. But with much more evidence established, an increasing number of people began to realize that nurture is more strongly influencing early human development. This essay will outline the influences of nature and nurture on early human development through the different aspects. It can be argued that nature influences early human development. According to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, he emphasized that human development is inherited and genetically programmed. For example, infants always first learn how to walk and then how to run. When infants’ neurological system could reach to a certain level of development, they could utter their first words. Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that humans tend to have naturally. People can not choose their gender, the color of skin, eyes and hair and general body size. What is more, it goes without saying that people will give more and more attention to the importance of talent. When a baby is born with the sensitivity of arts, he or she may show distinctive taste of art naturally. However, even if human nature generally comes when an infant is born, it does not mean that it remains unalterable. However, some research shows some genes are malleable. Behaviorists such as Watson and Skinner believed that new born babies can be trained into any profession regardless of the babies’ heredity. This theory was totally different from Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It doesn’t concern natural selection. Several examples may be clearer to explain

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