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“To sense each creature singing the hymn of its existence is to live joyfully in God's love and hope" –Fr. Daniel Mcnamara. Pope Francis’s encyclical letter entitled Laudato si' - On the Care for our Common Home is truly one of the eye opener we need to the things happening around us. Adding to the teachings of the Catholic Church, this letter weaves together the realities on the decline of our environment and our spiritual challenges as humans. The recognition of spiritual aspects say a lot about the challenges we are facing today. According to him, the spiritual challenges and lack of faith we have are now leading us to destroying not only our home, but ourselves as well. The things that should be contributing to our common good such as our economy and our society is now driven by some sort of selfishness that is solely beneficial for one’s immediate success. He then tells us that because of the loss of value for the human person, we become individualistic and destructive as opposed to existing for others in the most relative ways. The recognition of other religions in his letter is also one of the things that should not be shunned. His open mindedness to the different opinions and practices that contribute to the reality of the earth’s degradation leads us to the fact that we are all linked together and that the earth we share is the responsibility of everyone. We should then be asking ourselves to what extent do we owe the earth? Is this all there is to this life or is there something better for me and for everyone? As humans, we are very lucky to witness the beauty of the world first hand. From this beautiful creation, we are able to come up with means of living in order for us to sustain our daily needs. We get so much from the environment and yet we give nothing back. So as we take and take from it, its beauty is slowly decaying thus leaving us with lesser

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