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------------------------------------------------- Naturalism General Definition Naturalism is the practice of describing precisely the actual circumstances of human life in literature. Time Period: Although naturalism originated in Europe, it was a prominent American literary movement from 1870-1920. Expanded Understanding: It is closely associated with realism because of its desire to depict its characters as accurately as possible. It differs because there is absolutely no focus on individuality or accomplishment in naturalism because it focuses on depicting life as clearly and accurately as possible. It’s important to realize that Naturalist writers sometimes used their brutally accurate descriptions to protest political and social injustices such as people becoming victims of capitalism. Works try to accurately analyze human beings in context with their settings and their natural tendencies. Heredity and environment are important components of the character’s actions, and thus the actions are intended to be viewed impartially. Naturalist writers used a scientific method of writing to focus on objectifying slices of human life. The works are full of facts and details while being driven by a plot. As a result of the scientific style, Naturalist works have a specific focus or study area. Walcutt says that the naturalistic novel offers "clinical, panoramic, slice-of-life" drama that is often a "chronicle of despair" (American Literary Naturalism) Naturalism in Connection to Philosophy: Philosophy: The system of though holding that all phenomena can be explained in terms of causes and laws. Charles Darwin: Said that human beings are governed by natural selection, and not fate or divine influence. Karl Marx: Modern masses are at the mercy of a capitalistic economy, which tends to mercilessly exploit them. Sigmund Freud: We’re all at the mercy of

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