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Art, literature, and philosophy may be different subjects of study but can be connected together when one talks about the word naturalism. Although there could be possible alterations in the meaning in each focus, the concept remains the same throughout. Naturalism is often thought about along with the laws of nature. Naturalism is a theory that has grown over the past years becoming a big part in not only literature but in other areas such as philosophy and art. The term naturalism is “A manner or technique of treating subject matter that presents, through volume of detail, a deterministic view of human life and actions” (Naturalism). According to Webster’s Pocket Dictionary of the English Language, naturalism comes from the root word natural which has a much more simple meaning “produced or existing by nature; not artificial” (Natural). The idea behind naturalism is to get rid of the morality of right and wrong and base it on the fundamental sciences of nature itself. Humans are to be encrypted into the environment as human beasts. In other words, humans are just part of the universe we live in adapting to the different circumstances or obstacles one may face from natural events. They react on their natural instincts rather than through a sophisticated thought process. The best way to describe the true meaning of naturalism in today’s society is to connect it with the people who are poor and uneducated (Murfin). Their values in life are based on their survival needs. Each day they are fighting to survive and provide food, water, and shelter, the basic necessities of life, to themselves and their families. Their concerns are trying to survive from day to day instead of what the right or wrong thing is to do in different situations. They aren’t worried about what fertilizer is the best choice for a perfect lawn or which sports car they are going to look better

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