Natural Selection Essay

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Natural Selection Paper A. Natural selection scenario Essay When we talk about natural selection, we will think about mutation, genetic variation, and differential reproductive success etc. Mutation is meaning the change of genome orders that make the species change. Genetic variation means the change of alleles inside the genes, this change happens over time, is very important for Natural selection, because is the starting point of natural selection. We will also consider about differential reproductive success for natural selection. Because the higher success rate of the reproduce, the higher the species get selected, so the differential reproductive success is also a key factor of natural selection. Fitness and Adaptation decides the survival chances for the species live in certain environments; higher fitness gives the species higher change for reproduce, and higher adaptation give them bigger change for surviving from their enemy. In the scenario of the finch, we know that the ancestor of these finches only has a small beak, but the modern finch has a large beak. So we assume this is the result of natural selection. At the beginning, most of the finch is small beak, so they live on eating the small seeds, but as the population grows bigger, there might have some mutation in the group, such as the large beak finch. However, at the beginning, the number of large beak finch is very small. When the population of the finch gets bigger and bigger, the number of the small seeds gets smaller and smaller, and soon there is not enough small seed for all the finches, then there is some small beak finches start to dying, and the number of the large beak finches start to growing, because the large beak finches could eat the big seeds. Soon, the small seeds ran out, so only the large beak finches could survive, because they have better fitness to the environment. Since

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