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MUNJOMA BARBARA STUDENT NUMBER ASSIGNMENT 01 UNIQUE NUMBER 552264 QUESTION 1a MY DAILY USAGE OF RENEWABLE RESOURCES i) Air- pure oxygen +-550Litre tyre pressure 4×230kP wind for drying wet items 46305092 GGH1502 MY DAILY USEAGE OF NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCES Fossils- i) Coal-Electricity generated from coal ii) Oil- Car Fuel: Petrol 5Litres -Lubricating the car 5L per 50 000km. Plastic appliances 5kg dishes Glass 1kg Ceramic dishes 500g ii) Water- bathing 20Litre drinking 2Litre cooking 1 1/2Litre washing 50Litres clothes, car, iii) Plants- cornflakes 20g 3 fruits Natural gas- for cooking (only during vegetables 50g load shading) 2.5Btu 2slices bread 15g sugar, 1 tea bag 100g maize meal/ rice 1Litre drink 25ml cooking oil 1dress,1pant, 1bra,2towel Body-cream5g, 20sheets toilet paper soap, dishwasher, car shampoo 20ml 1chair & table 2blankets, 1pillow 1bed, 2sheets, 250g, Metals- Iron aluminium 100g. stove/sink +-5kg eg pots/ iv)Animalsmeat cheese/milk/yoghurt/butter leather shoes and bag +-500g v) The Sun- (Solar) rechargeable solar Non-metals- Minerals eg graphite in light (only during load shedding) pencil, phosphate, calcium etc +-50g 1 MUNJOMA BARBARA STUDENT NUMBER ASSIGNMENT 01 UNIQUE NUMBER 552264 QUESTION 1b. 46305092 GGH1502 REDUCING AMOUNTS OF RESOURCES IS NECESSARY FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: Reducing amounts helps to conserve resources in order to sustain future liability and obtain maximum benefit. Reducing helps to avoid depletion and running out of resources. It also helps to reduce waste and disposal costs for example; I can reduce the amount of hard copy mail I receive by using email in order to save energy, resources and to prevent litter. Reducing amount of resources also helps to avoid adding to the environmental burden eg; pollution caused by producing and disposing unnecessary materials. If I use public transport it means less amount of

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