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South Carolina’s natural resourses included deer that could be hunted for its skins and pine forest which could be used to harvest timber. SC also had broad expanses of fertile land, a mild climate, and a long growning season. Goegraphic conditions in the low country mad eit suitable for rice planting. A port at charleston and navigable waterways along the coast and into the interior made shipping goods to market possible. Natural Resourses: Deer- skin/meat Pine forest- timber Fertile land Mild climate Long growin season Low Country- rice Port @ Charleston/navigable rivers- shipping goods Peach Trees Fertil tea Turnip Indian Corn Milk Beer coco Fruit Cattle Snow Human Resources Initially, traders obtained furs deerskins from NA in exchange for beads, trinkets, guns, and alcohol. When some NA were forced into slavery, this relationship ended. Because the early Carolina settlers came from Barbados, SC established of thriving trade with this caribbeand island. SC sold cattle and NA slaves to the people of barbados. SC pine trees were a source of pitch and tar (naval stores) which the british used for making ships watertight. The growing African slave trade brought not only laborers but also their kowlege of cattle herdung and rice planting to SC. Rice became known as “Carolina Gold”, a staple crop and the source of long term prosperity. As immigrant from antigua , liza lucas planted indigo because she was determine to make the family plantation successful. Indigo was a plant used to make a highly value blue dye. The british government offered a subsidy as an incentive to anyone who would grow it . Eventually, Eliza lucas succeeded and shared her success with other area planters. Indigo became a new cah crop for SC. Political Factors Mercantillism was an economic system in which the mother controlled trade in

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