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RESOURCES OF PAKISTAN NATURAL RESOURCES Mining and Quarrying Mines and minerals development MINERAL RESOURCES Natural resources Petroleum Coal Chromites Copper Gypsum Rock Salt Lime stone Marble and Granites FOREST RESOURCES Importance of Forest in national economy ENERGY RESOURCES Hydro power Natural gas Petroleum Coal Atomic power Natural Resources National resources are backbone for the industrial development of a country. These resources play a dominant role in accelerating in the pace of progress and prosperity. Economic development of an economy is not possible without the availability of natural resources. Natural resources are divided into minerals, forests and hydro power/energy. 1. Mining and Quarrying Pakistan has a widely geological frame work, ranging from pre-Cambrian to the present that includes a number of zones hosting several metallic minerals, industrial minerals, precious and semi-precious stones. Although many efforts have been made in developing geological products, institutional, academic and Research and Development infrastructure, much remains to be done to enable this sector to take full advantage of its endowment. As a result of various efforts devoted for the development of mineral sector, resources of several minerals have been discovered over the last many decades, including world class resources of lignite coal deposits at Thar, Sindh, porphyry copper-gold deposits in Chagai, Baluchistan, Iron ore deposits at Dilband, Baluchistan, Lead-zinc deposits in Dodder, Baluchistan, gypsum, rock salt, limestone, dolomite, china clays etc in the Indus Basic, ornamental and construction stones in the various parts of the country and about 30 different gems and precious stone deposits in northern Pakistan. Mineral industry in Pakistan shows that over the last few decades this sector has been allocated very small

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