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What is natural resources - Natural Resource: is anything created through natural processes (limited and none recyclable) that people use and value. Ex. Water, air, oil, gold, etc… Natural Resource – anything give to the earth in a natural process Renewable Resource: are replaced continually, at least within human lifespan. Ex. Solar energy, air, wind, trees, and grain Renewable – Anything that can be regenerated rather quickly, Trees, Air, Nonrenewable Resource: form so slowly that for practical purposes, they cannot be replaced when used. Ex. Coal, oil, gas, iron, etc… Nonrenewable – Anything that the earth wont be able to regerate for millions of yars (oil, Gas) • What is deforestation - Deforestation: the removal of trees from a forested area without adequate replanting. What is desertification - Desertification: the extension of desert like conditions as a result of climatic change or human activities • Such as overgrazing or deforestation, usually in arid or semi-arid regions. What is the carbon trading market - Carbon-trading market: companies in violation of emissions are buying allowances from companies that emit less than the limit. • Why is brazil loosing so much forest - subsidize projects aimed at converting forests to other uses, such as farming, cattle ranching, and industry • What is the role of the industrial revolution as it relates to the environment and natural resources • What are the leading causes of death in developing countries o HIV, Aids, Malaria • What are the parts of the world that have the greatest rates of HIV/AIDS o Remember specific date o What is the impact of HIV and AIDS as it relates to the world, African, children, and women? - It is estimated that 33.5 million people around the world are infected with HIV/AIDS in 2010 o Around 14,000 people are infected with the disease every

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