Natural Resources Essay

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Energy Efficient Appliances Natural resources are the resources supplied by nature. Some natural resources include oil, coal, water, trees, clean air, and energy. Natural resources become very valuable depending on their demand and utility in the manufacturing process and providing our necessities or comforts. In the energy field we can find that when you save energy, you are not also saving money, you also reduce the use of coal, oil and natural gas. For this reason most companies are manufacturing energy-efficient appliances, which mean that the more energy efficient an appliance is, the less it costs to operate. In order to buy an energy efficient appliance, you need to select the size and style of the appliance, ask about special energy efficient offers, and read the energy guide label. First, at all select the size and style of the appliance in order to combine your savings and your preferences. Once you decided which appliance you need, it is necessary to measure the space you have for your new appliance. Be sure you take this number to the store and that match with the appliance you want. Now that you have the correct measurement, you should check your room and determine if the space is enough to open the door for the new appliance. This step is important in cases where you have the laundry room in enclosed, and, of course, you want to be able to keep it closed at the same time you are able to open and close the doors for the washer and dryer machines. Then, you have to determine the style for your new appliance. In this step you decide the color and the brand you want to get. The majority of people take this decision in the stores, based on the functionality of which they are looking for. When you have decided the size and the style, you have your emotions in control to take the next steps. The second step after you has selected the size and the style

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