Natural Resource Sustainability Essay

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Natural Resources have been the major source of energy used by humans for over two hundred years. Some natural resources are renewable, but the most important natural resources are limited and will eventually run out. Humans have become extremely dependent on coal and oil. Over the past few years’ alternative forms of energy have been being further developed. There is still opportunity for improvement. In particular, the establishment of a strong knowledge base, allowing environmental impacts and resource use to be linked, remains an ambitious challenge. Strong disparities still remain between the affordability of alternative fuels, regarding their contribution to more sustainable use of resources, underlying the potential importance to set up new forms of alternative energy. There is more research and testing to be done to support the movement, but one of the most underestimated parts of this movement is getting people educated about the problem at hand, and getting more people involved. With the environmental movement, conservation biology, animal rights, and other current social awareness and movements, natural resource or environmental social values have changed greatly in the last part of this century. Yet a wide range of nature and social values have existed and functioned on this planet thousands of years before the development of any natural resource management professions. The disciplines of forestry, wildlife, or watershed management primarily offer: 1) ability to predict and monitor the consequences of management options, 2) concepts and information to change social awareness or behavior, and 3) ability to implement management processes in pursuit of natural resource social values, and values that originate in the social system. Of course, natural resource values are not formed within the social system, but as that system interacts with the
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