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Natural Humanism Essay

  • Submitted by: lynnchelseakay
  • on December 3, 2013
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Natural Humanism: Literally one with nature.
Part I: Description
I have closely identified myself as a humanist since the term was described to me at 17. I choose to consider myself a humanist give or take a few sub categories or definite beliefs.   I view the world as one big misunderstanding. I for myself, understand that everyone is born equal and remains that way throughout the length of their lives. I would argue that a killer and a housewife are the same being in the overall scheme of things for example, just for the simple fact that we are all born together. Whether or not we choose different paths, we are all the same. As long as one acts upon their legitimate feelings and not what society has told them to feel and act then they should be exactly where their inner-selves belong in the afterlife, given there is one. I do not necessarily believe in Hell, nor do I necessarily believe in Heaven, and I feel free because I do not have to think or be conscious of how I live my life. I just accept the fact that I am a person who sticks to her true emotions and interests as much as I possibly can, and wherever that may bring me in the event of a possible afterlife I feel I will be exactly where I need to be. This kind of truth however, is impossible to fully achieve due to the impact society puts on a person. If every person lived their entire lives alone from the moment of birth, only then would we live a life of complete truth. I think people are the most unnatural beings in the world, as opposed to animals who are purely natural in every moment of their existence, which I admire. Man attaches meaning to things. I believe very strongly that people are problem-solvers. We are presented with a problem to solve at every moment of the day, whether it is significant to us or not. Religion is the most significant problem to solve for man, and I would argue that we all just need to chill out, or at the very least let everyone who wants to chill out do so and let fate...

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