Natural Hazards Essay

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Most geomorphological and meteorological hazards such as hurricanes, droughts, and floods can be prevented. Zooming in into the case study of drought and desert invasion in the Minqin county located in the Northwest of China. The physical factors that led to the occurrence of this natural hazard are the low level of rainfall, high temperatures and strong winds. Also, there was a drop in river water levels, excessive water diversion and vanishing surface water. Factors caused by human include overcultivation of crops, overgrazing, and a rapid increase in population over a short period of time. The impacts of the desertification in the county led to devastating impacts. Economically, there was a drop in crop yield, due to the soil erosion that caused barren land, hence destroying the farmers’ crops and making it impossible to grow any, thus reducing their income greatly, leading to starvation and famine. The strong winds led to violent sandstorms, causing water shortages, affecting the people’s basic needs. Migration was inevitable as presently there is only one family left in the Minqin county, as the rest have all moved to neighboring provinces. As dangerous this natural hazard may seem, it can actually prevented, and its negative impacts greatly minimized. As desertification occurs over an extremely period of time, there would be certain characteristics of the natural hazard that will indicate to the people of the coming disaster. At that point of time, action has to be taken immediately by researching about the severity of the hazard, the climate change, as well as efficient methods to prevent the situation from worsening. The government can take action to help the residents to beat the environmental odds, for example, to convince the farmers to planting trees to fight against desert invasion by providing farmers with a safety net to relieve some of

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