Natural Harzards Essay

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Assignment Report: Shoreline Property Assessment Part 1: Shoreline Property Assessment Version 3 Please delete the inappropriate option. Note: To delete the inappropriate option, select the option you want to remove and press delete on your keyboard. Top of Form Shoreline Property Assessment Site Property Erosion Hazard Rating Site 1 Klaster Safe Simpson Safe Site 2 Carter Safe Froughton Safe Site 3 Property 1 Safe Property 2 At Risk Site 4 Randall Safe Wilson At Risk Add your comments and rationale here: Site 1- Klaster is considered safe This site will benefit from sediment buildup between the two groins. The built groins will slow the long shore current. Recommended to buy as long as the groins are built close enough together (if not the groins will not succeed in their purpose). Simpson is considered safe The waves are coming from the east, and Simpson is located before the groins, but just before first groin so in an area of deposition. Therefore, this should not affect either property. Site 2 –Carter is considered safe It appears that deposition is occurring. Land is growing seaward. Is most likely deposited by long shore current. Froughton is considered safe Land is growing seaward. Deposition is occurring. Again, most likely in a deposition area of a long shore current. Site 3 - Property 1 is considered safe This site is close to the end of the bend and therefore may only suffer from slow erosion. The river is “migrating” away from this site. Property 2 is considered at risk This site is located on the outside bend of the stream, where water velocity increases and erodes sediment. The river is “migrating” towards this site. If they were to build a dock, the soil supporting the dock would erode quickly and cause severe damage
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