Natural Disasters In Japan And California

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Nature is a amazing part of everyone’s lives. It has many beautiful aspects like season changing and flowers blooming. However it also has a scary side with things like floods, tornados, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and landslides and when these things occur they are not pretty at all. When these natural disasters occur it greatly effects the environment, the economy and human life. This type of devastation happened on March 11 2011 in Japan when a very powerful tsunami ruined the land, and on October 17 1989 when California was hit by huge earthquake named Loma Prieta. This essay will compare and contrast these two world shaking events and give some research about the two events as well. Maybe you will learn about some interesting facts about the two. A earthquake is described as a sudden and violent shaking of the ground, resulting from the movement within the earth’s crust or from volcanic action. It sometimes causes great destruction. The intensity of a earthquakes is measured by a machine called a Richter scale. Violent earthquakes usually measure between 7 and 9 on the scale. Well, On October 17 1989, California was hit with one of these earthquakes and it was very harsh as well. This earthquake was named Loma Prieta earthquake and occurred at a time of 5:04 (PDT) with a magnitude measurement of 6.9 and a surface wave magnitude of 7.1. The earthquake was caused by a slip in slip in San Andreas or a subsidiary and its epicenter was located ten miles northeast of the city Santa Cruz. The earthquake had also had a death toll of 62 people with the number of injured people reaching a amount of 3,757 ! Not only this however the earthquake had cost California approximately 6.8 billion dollars. This was because of many fires, houses with severe damages, and buildings with severe damages. A tsunami is a high sea wave caused by an earthquake or other
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