Natural Disasters Essay

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INTRODUCTION This is a well known fact that there exists a balance within the biotic and abiotic components of environment. But, in order to fulfill the basic demands of ever increasing population al over the world, human beings have interrupted this environmental balance through their various activities like deforestation, soil degradation, pollution etc. Since humans are not taking any hard step in this regard so environment –the part of NATURE, itself trying to achieve this balance through various physical processes and variables called Natural hazards and disasters in the same sense as Malthus stated that there is an initiation of natural checks in the form of natural disasters when population growth become out of reach. Thus, Natural hazards and disasters are a tool for environment to put checks on the population growth on one hand, while a threat for the existence of human population on the other hand. From both the point of views, it is clear that the study of environment and its components (including humans) is incomplete without the study of various natural hazards and disasters. Thus, the following project deals with the study of various natural hazards as well as some case studies of natural disasters. NATURAL HAZARDS ← MEANING: Hazard simply refers to a phenomenon that pose a threat to people, structure, environmental resources and economic assets which may causes a disaster. ← DEFINITION: ✓ “A hazard is a potentially damaging physical event, phenomenon or human activity that may cause the loss of life or injury, property damage, social and economic disruption or environmental degradation”. ← CHARACTERISTICS: ➢ Hazards can include latent conditions that may represent future threats and can have different origins: natural (geological, hydro meteorological and

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