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Natural Disaster Essay

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Natural disaster HW#1
Patrick L. Nalty
Planning To Prevent Natural Hazards From Becoming Natural Disasters
Because of the size of Australia and the considerable variety of geographical conditions, this country experiences many natural disasters regularly such as tropical cyclones, strong winds, floods, earthquakes, bush fires, soil erosions, hail, blizzards, and severe floods just to name a few.   Hence we can see the need for proper planning in order to lessen the effects that can lead a hazard to a disaster.
Natural hazards are not the same as or considered natural disasters.   However, natural hazards when not overlooked can lead to natural disasters when prior planning is not implemented to prevent such a disaster can lead to catastrophic damages and loss of life.   There are several things that must take place at the same time to produce what is determined a disaster. (p.198)
First and foremost there is the concept of risk.   Risk is defined as a measure of the potential to cause damage (Boughton, 1991).   When this is taken into account or when we examine risk we can then determine what needs to happen in order to turn a hazard into a disaster and in doing so we can then formulate a plan to lessen the effects of a disaster.
There are three basic elements that make up risk in the context of natural hazards.   First there is the event that has the power to cause damage or disruption, second there are the assets that could be damage or affected by the event and third some circumstances that allow the event to cause damage to the assets.   Without all three elements present there is no probability for damage to occur. (p.198)
Natural hazards are event that have the possibility to cause some serious disorder to a community but is generally out of the control of the people within that community.   Despite man’s attempt to try and control natural hazards and the meteorological natural and unpredictable conditions and the conditions that cause natural disasters...

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