Natural Catastrophes in Florida Essay

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Natural Catastrophes in Florida In this season of seasons, one hurricane would stand out from the rest. Hurricane Wilma became the strongest storm on record, had one of the largest, if not the largest pressure drop in an Atlantic Hurricane ever, and ended up being the most devastating storm to strike the Naples in 45 years, and the Florida Gold Coast in 55 years. Wilma also caused chaos in Mexico's Mayan Riviera with a long lasting assault that resulted in heavy damage to many parts of the Yucatan. The sixth major hurricane of 2005 pointed out more glaring problems that local, state, and federal governments are having with providing relief to hurricane prone areas. Wilma almost caused some major problems for the Northeast and New England by contributing to the development of a nor'easter, but it moved too rapidly out to sea to prevent another "Perfect Storm" scenario. Hurricane Wilma was ranked in the top 5 costliest hurricane in U.S. history. 63 deaths were reported and it cost more than 29.1 billion dollars. The Caribbean had mudslides in Haiti that were triggered killing 12 people. One death was claimed in Jamaica and heavy rains damaged one million dollars in crops. In Mexico eight deaths occurred because of gas explosion caused by high winds. In Cuba a bus crashed killing 4 people. The city of Havana had power loss because of wind damage. In Florida 61 deaths were reported because of heavy winds, flooding, and storm surges near Naples. Loss of power totaled to 3,241,000 homes. The Bahamas had many losses of buildings and many storm

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